The Art Machine

For all Atari ST freaks still alive ;-) you can download my
old chiptunes here. You should use it with Steem because it
needs TOS 1.0:

Old stuff from 1989 with composing musix directly in
assembler source code:

End of 1989 I started programming a full editor,
this ZIP contains all later musix and the complete assembler
source code, you should use it on disk not on hard disks:

Today it's old school but in 1989 it was named Megademo ;-)
The Synthetic Visions (1989)
The 2nd Try (1990)

The last project was Outrage - a Starray-scrolling game
which was started in 1991. I talked with Erik Simon from
TEX/Thalion about this game and he liked it. :-)
But he told me that it's too late for the Atari ST
in 1992 when Outrage would be ready to publish.
Game marked for Atari had started to break down
in 1991... So we stopped working on it...

Best regards, Tangens / The Art Machine

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